Recurring Deposit Scheme


A reliable monthly investment tool to plan for your future financial needs.

 Period of Deposit  Minimum 1 year and maximum 10 years
 Interest Payment  Quarterly Compounding Interest payable on maturity
 Maximum Amount of Deposit  No Limit
 Minimum Amount of Deposit  Rs. 100/- per month
 Pledging of Deposit  Allowed
 Premature Withdrawal  Allowed with penalty of 1% in applicable interest rate for the tenure of deposit as on the date of placement of deposit.
 Additional Interest Rate for Senior Citizen  Applicable
 Eligible Depositors  All depositors

Deposit Insurance    
The Deposit Insurance System in India is subject to the Provisions of Deposit Insurance Act (enacted in 1961). Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation (Wholly owned subsidiary of the Reserve Bank of India) is the body that operates the deposit insurance system.
For opening a Recurring Deposit, please Contact your nearest branch


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