Home Loan


Purchase a flat, row house, bungalow etc. which is available either as ready possession or under construction*



  • Maximum 240 months inclusive of moratorium period of maximum 18 months or till the retirement age if salaried whichever is earlier.
  • In case of Takeover loan Maximum repayment tenure till residual tenure of earlier sanction or actual whichever is less.

Pre-Payment Penalty: Nil

Rate of Interest:  11%

Service Charges: Applicable from time to time.

Margin: Applicable from time to time.



Get Personal Loans from Shri Gajanan Bank.

For Salaried Persons:

  • Employees of reputed and financially sound organization.
  • Minimum Gross take home salary of INR.15, 000/- per month.

For Businessmen & Professionals:

Business should have establishment of minimum of 3 years.


  • Co-Owners of dwelling unit must be taken as Co-applicant.
  • Spouse /parents of the applicant other than Co-owners can be taken as Co-applicant.



Duly filled form with:

  • Income Proof of Applicant(s) & Guarantor(s)
  • Residential Proof of Applicant(s) & Guarantor(s)
  • Property Documents
  • PAN Card of Applicant(s) & Guarantor(s)
  • KYC of Applicant(s) & Guarantor(s)

Prime Security: 

Dwelling Unit/s under construction/ready possession to be purchased.

Two Acceptable Guarantors and Security holders to be also taken as guarantors.

Other Charges: 

Filing Mortgage, Insurance of property, Legal charges etc.(Valuation, Sanction Confirmation if applicable)


Share Membership

Borrower & Co-Borrower: Regular Membership fees @ 2.5% of loan amount (Max Rs.5 Lacs)

Guarantors: Nominal membership


 To apply for Home Loan, please contact your nearest branch.



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